One Sick Puppy

One Sick Puppy

The specter of a global, systemic collapse is arrived at by way of a clinical analysis of history as viewed through the unerring and unforgiving laws of consequence and causality. The analysis of western civilization today can be likened to a doctor examining a diseased patient laying on the table in front of him.

With the patient’s medical records (or history) in hand, together with factoring in the laws of cause and effect, the doctor can then diagnose the nature of the disease, first by observing the visual, outward signs and indicators… bad breath, pussy eyes, morbid obesity, jaundiced skin, cancerous lesions, fungus and athletes foot, varicose veins, genital infections, etc. These various symptoms are indicators of deeper afflictions likely originating in the patient’s vital organs.

The collapse of western civilization and the ideological epoch can be diagnosed via similar methodologies… i.e., a keen sense of observation and a working knowledge of history. The diseased patient (in this case western civilization) has all the symptoms and outward signs of a deep and festering cancer situated somewhere deep inside its vital organs. Those vital organs (in this case) being the fundamental values, morals, ethics and principles that underpin western industrial societies.

Some of these values include the obsessive pursuit of material wealth, ultra-consumerism, greed and hoarding, the buying, selling and ownership of land and property, the disparate chasm that separates the rich and the poor, the silly notion that ‘money’ can buy you happiness and the destructive concept that we ‘own’ the Earth and its natural resources. One sick puppy indeed.

Dennis Lakusta
September 31, 2019