The Four Premises


‘No malice intended but is it possible the hyper-human sub-species is simply too stupid to be intelligent’

To better understand the nature and dynamics of the advanced, hyper-intellectual, industrial-age human mind one must first be open to the following four premises.

Premise #1

The explosive growth of the human brain (post H. Habilis certainly qualifies it (the human brain) as a biological aberration…a ‘freak’ of nature. The measurement of this phenomenal growth can be scientifically verified…from 350 cc (pre-H. Habilis) to 1350 cc (current) which works out to an approximate increase in size of 300% over 2.5 – 3 million years. Over the course of placental mammalian history there has never been an instance in which a mammal’s brain size has exceeded 10 – 15% growth (in ratio to body mass) over the same time frame.

Premise #2

Pure and absolute reality (or ‘truth’ if you prefer) cannot exist in the vacuum of linear thought or imagination…past and future are neurological constructs and figments of our imagination. The human super-mind has become most proficient at synthesizing images and manufacturing ideas but as most everyone knows, an image or idea does not constitute a reality. There is only one time frame and one locale in which absolute reality exists and that is the present moment – the here and now – and completely outside the superficial, wafer-thin limitations of human perception and intellectual reasoning.

Premise #3

An accepted axiom within the fields of quantum law and the physical sciences holds that energy cannot be created nor destroyed and has no past or future, and therefore exists exclusively in a state of eternal ‘is-ness’. Quantum energy and absolute reality appear to share identical properties ergo it is safe to presume they are one and the same. Which begs the question; if advanced human neurology, ideology and conception (herein referred to collectively as ‘mind’) do not possess the faculties required to perceive or understand anything outside the limited boundaries of linear thinking, imagination or the transitory world of finite form then its view of reality will be wholly based upon falsehood and illusion. Thusly, the human mind has evolved into an instrument of falsehood and illusion. An extremely limited hyper-intellect attempting to measure or define the infinite reality existing beyond the walls of its own little ‘rut’ would be analogous to trying to measure infinity with a yard stick.

Premise #4

Human beings are essentially and fundamentally ‘good’. This is from a purely quantum and genetics point of view. Some would go so far as to assert that we humans – as with all other aspects of the physical, finite cosmos – embody a subtle but divine personality or ‘presence’ that moves through our being…concurring with Einstein’s Unified Field theory. Which of course begs a second crucial question; with all this inherent goodness, how did we modern humans manage to trigger and evolve this social and environmental ‘melt-down’ so quickly??? The answer to this conundrum can be narrowed down to only one suspect… the advanced, hyper-intellectual super-mind and its (dis)ability to function exclusively in the synthetic and shadowy absence of unfettered imagination and linear somnambulism.

PS. The Bard said it best; “We are such stuff as dreams are made on… and our little lives are rounded in sleep”.