How the fundraising works:

The images displayed in this gallery are not for sale. Instead, the signed/numbered limited edition prints are given away as gifts to those who would like to make a donation to one of the five registered charities and rights organizations featured in the ‘Advocacy’ section of this website. (Please check them out). Each image is accompanied by an information pack that includes the ‘suggested donation’ which is based upon the appraised value of the print (the higher figure) and a $200 discount (the lower figure) worked into the donation structure for those who prefer a discount.

If you would like to acquire a print and make a donation simply record the info accompanying the image and get in touch with one of our volunteers by clicking any ‘contact’ button. (Please include all the print information, your phone number and mailing address in the message). The volunteer will first contact you and then connect you to a rep from one of the five registered charities.

The donation will then be transacted directly between the donor and the charity (on a rotation basis). This website acts solely as a facilitator… at no time will any donation monies touch our website or its volunteers. After the transaction is completed between the donor and the charity the s/n limited edition print chosen by the donor will be shipped at no extra charge (shipping and handling). Please allow two weeks for delivery.

Thank you.