Consequence & Casualty

Consequence and Causality

Part One

‘The last five major extinctions events were caused by either
geological cataclysms or extraterrestrial incursions. This is
the first time a planet has been brought down by an idea’.

                        (excerpt from the train wreck essay)

The laws of consequence and causality, when applied to human history, reveal a world that in every way, shape and form, for better or for worse, makes perfect, logical sense here in the early stages of the third millennium. That according to these two infallible and unerring laws not a single aspect, not a thread, not an atom is out of place. That in the linear sense, every action or event is the direct consequence of those that preceded it and, at the same time, is causal to the events that follow. Whether one defines the current situation as a ‘meltdown’ or a ‘train wreck’, either term is accurate in describing the most recent sequence in a long chain of events that can be traced back to a precise and pivotal moment in history when a ‘freakishly’ over-developed and hyper-ideological brain came up with the ‘idea’ that it could begin to take control of the planet away from nature and natural law. Big, big mistake. Simply put, the idea and subsequent act of capturing wild animals and plants from their natural habitat (the wilds), forcibly confining them and then transforming them into mass-breeding, mass producing mono-cultures was the precise moment that marked the genesis of both the train wreck and the meltdown currently unfolding around us. The precise moment.

In fact, each and every aspect of today’s train wreck, whether it be the threat of nuclear annihilation, the lethal over-population of humans and their livestock, the mass extinction of irreplaceable species, the wanton destruction of our oceans, forests and wetlands, the Alberta Tar Sands Project, hyper-man’s greed and insatiable lust for power, land and material wealth, political and religious tyranny, man’s inhumanity to man, etc. etc. can all be traced back to that precise and pivotal moment. All courtesy of the infallible laws of consequence and causality.

The simple inner working and growth dynamics of a common seed (and the plant that grows from it) can help put these historical events into perspective. The poison inherent within the original idea (seed) that one singular sub-species of primates could audaciously assume control over nature – which also spawned both the agricultural and industrial revolutions – was so vile and insidious that it infected the DNA of every future generation of the twisted and suffocating vine that grew from it. The destructive aspects of the train wreck, many of which are listed in the above paragraph, can be likened to leaves currently growing on the twisted vine and that they (the leaves) still carry within them the lethally infected genes from the original seed planted ten thousand years ago. Unfortunately, and in accordance with the laws of nature, very very large plants grow from very very small seeds. Today, at the precipitous and ‘disappearing off the graph’ end of the exponential curve, we are witnessing the explosive power of the poisons embedded within the original idea that hyper-humans could blindly and foolishly attempt to wrest control of the planet away from nature.

The invention of agriculture and the Sixth Great Extinction appear to act as ‘bookends’ to a tragic episode in Earth’s history. But all is not lost. The Earth is still young and will survive. It has endured the Ordovician, the Permian, the Devonian, the Triassic and the Cretaceous events and will surely survive this current assault by the unconscious and destructive super-humans and their machines.

(Author’s note: The preceding short essay borrows heavily from ‘Western Thought and the Dynamics of a Train Wreck’ which is Pt Three of the ‘Honour Song Trilogy’ and can be accessed through the writing section of this website,

Dennis Lakusta
March 21, 2018