Table of Contents

Writing Section: Intro & Entry Page

The Honor Song Trilogy – The Indian Residential School Experience

  1. Part One: The Psychology of Cultural Trauma
  2. Part One (cont’d): The Allegory of the Christmas Tree
  3. Part Two: Solutions for Healing a Broken People
  4. Part Three: The Ideological Epoch and the Dynamics
    of a Train Wreck part1
    / part2

Additional Essays

  1. Memoirs of a Meltdown
  2. A Brief History of Ethics
  3. Session #7 – Finding James & Elizabeth
  4. The Ethics of the Industrial State
  5. Sessions Overview – Racism Workshops for Students
  6. The Element of Interference and the Genesis of a Train Wreck
  7. Pandora’s Box and the Invention of Agriculture
  8. The DNA of Collapse
  9. Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump
  10. Nexus Nanaimo (Initiatives)
  11. The Ability (Disability) to Arbitrarily Manufacture Ideas
  12. Human Rights Watch – Nanaimo Report and Call to Action
  13. ‘Personhood’ and a New Understanding of Genocide
  14. To Walk a Mile in our Moccasins
  15. Finding the Way Back Home – A Healing Circle
  16. Dennis Lakusta and God
  17. Still Primates
  18. The Concept of Ownership – A Modern Human Psychosis
  19. The Need to Question Things
  20. Consequence and Casualty
  21. The War to End All Wars
  22. On The Relative Insignificance of Human Achievement – Part One
  23. The Church and the Arbitrary Manufacturing of Ideas
  24. Remember The Titanic
  25. The Limitations of Human Cognition
  26. The Alberta Tar Sands Project
  27. 95 Plausible Reasons
  28. What Can the Catholic Church Do to Assist in the Healing Process?
  29. The Elephants In The Room
  30. All My Relations… An Explanation
  31. This Notion of Control
  32. 22 Guidelines for Developing Artistic Character
  33. Terrorism, Extremism & Karmic Law
  34. The Deconstruction of Racism
  35. Setting the Record Straight
  36. The Law of Opposing Forces
  37. Why is No One Screaming?
  38. One Sick Puppy
  39. Racism: A Scientific Perspective
  40. Sessions Overview
  41. Youth Development & Empowerment Conferences
  42. Tale of the Two Engineers
  43. The Warrior’s Songbook
  44. Captain Kirk Redux




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