(In the fall of 2003 and during a return visit in late 2010, Dennis gave 29 anti-racism workshops for students in the Limestone District School Board in Kingston, Ontario. The 2010 tour included four talks given for students at Queens University. The following assessment was issued by tour organizer, Meri MacLeod, who is Human Rights liaison person for the Kingston school district.)

* Without a doubt, Dennis Lakusta is one of Canada’s most multi-talented and gifted artist/performer/educators – truly an national treasure. His multi-faceted artistry, sense of humor and remarkable skills as an educator (along with his amazing photo¬≠graphy) immediately enraptured students and teachers alike. This was acutely evident from the high degree of respectful and genuinely attentive student participation and discussion in each workshop. Dennis inspires in all who meet him the hope, courage and fortitude to overcome and conquer seemingly formidable personal demons and psychological barriers. It was an immeasurable privilege and total delight for the participating schools to have the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by Dennis Lakusta. His unwavering belief in human creativity and love for justice will have a long-lasting impact on the students at both Queens University and the Limestone S.D.

Mari Marja-Terttu MacLeod
Limestone District School Board
Kingston, Ontario
(613) 542-7369 ext 298