The Law of Opposing Forces

The Law of Opposing Forces

“When a group of people are sitting around a circle and they
all agree with one another… you only have half a circle.”
(Ancient Cree Wisdom)

There is a well known axiom in the field of human psychology which states; genius and madness often come in the same package and are likewise proportional to their extremes. These extremes complement each other, they are essential to each other and can even feed off each other. When we begin to understand the law of opposing forces and that there is only stagnation in a perfect unity, we can come to honour both extremes…for one would not exist without the other.

The law of opposing forces is as universal and as ‘bankable’ as the laws of gravity and motion. Combined, these three laws constitute the central tenets of natural law and the universe would not and could not exist without them. Being universal, the law of opposing forces functions equally on both the micro and macro levels, whether it be at the atomic level where the centrifugal force of electrons whirring (at the speed of light) around the nucleus of an atom is counter-balanced by the gravitational pull (or weight) of the nucleus itself. The operative word here is ‘balance’. At the macro level the planets remain in their fixed positions relative to the sun – and ditto the Milky Way – thanks to the opposing forces of centrifugal v. gravitation.

The same laws apply when it comes to human inter-communication. It is essential that we include an opposing viewpoint in our discussions otherwise this leads to an autocracy or dictatorship which in turn fosters stagnation, decay and revolution. There can be no growth if only one viewpoint affects decision-making and sets policy. The road through human history is littered with car wrecks attesting to this simple truth. The physics of this truth can be easily illustrated by sitting two opposing viewpoints at a table and have them ‘go at it’ for an hour or so. If there is a healthy respect for each others opposing viewpoints (plus a willingness to compromise) then they can discuss and even argue their positions. These are the ideal conditions under which a new, invisible and quite magical dynamic enters into the discussion and that dynamic is ‘change’. This dynamic can be likened to the regeneration of life itself where two opposing cells come together and produce a third entity which rises – as a symbol of renewal and change – from the centre of the union.

The whole universe is about change, evolution and revolution.