The Ability (Disability) to Arbitrarily Manufacture Ideas

The Ability (Disability) to Arbitrarily Manufacture Ideas

          “People who create problems can’t be expected to fix them”.

                (Albert Einstein)

It was the human super-mind and its ability (disability) to arbitrarily manufacture ideas that got us into this mess… it is foolish to assume that the same super-mind is going to get us out of it (the mess). I hear so many people – even some of my personal friends – say that advanced technology will save the planet from imminent collapse but these statements are rarely backed up with facts or even a plausible explanation. Einstein’s above quote really hits the mark… it is the properties and fundamentals of ‘super-thinking’ (and the manufacturing of ideas) that must be scrutinized if one is going to understand the essence of our dilemma. Technological innovation and super-thinking can never ‘fix’ the problem… because they created it.

“Our ‘wafer thin’ understanding of things is attributed to a limited (and temporary) computer processing limited (and temporary) data coming in from a limited (and temporary) world via our limited (and temporary) senses. The human mind is fraught with limitations due to the fact that it is, after all and without prejudice, nothing more than a computer…it lacks a ‘heart’, a soul and the necessary means by which to interface with any reality that exists beyond ideas”.

(Note: It should be clarified in the early stages of this essay that thinking is not the problem…all sentient animals think…it would be literally impossible to maneuver (and survive) our way around this somewhat precarious three-dimensional landscape without the ability to think. Animals (including humans) need to make split-second decisions and judgment calls and all that data must be passed through a rudimentary thinking process so that accurate instructions can be electronically transmitted back to the appropriate body parts instructing them to function in a certain way. But that’s where the comparison – between other animals and super-humans – ends).

Hyper-thinking and arbitrary ideation were the by-products of the explosive growth of the human brain in a very short time span….this is explained (ad nauseam) in the ‘train wreck’ essay and related documents. They were both functions of a process that was completely dependent upon synaptically-created images. And, as everyone knows, images are not real. Images are conjurations, fabrications, concepts, beliefs, memories and linear daydreams that have little or no bearing in reality. They are manufactured within a synthetic void (the human super-mind) which is – being completely image-dependent – estranged from reality and the underlying principles that govern the universe. So far this all seems rather benign and harmless. But big problems occur when super-humans begin to create their own (synthetic) paradigm of laws, ethics, morals and values that are manufactured outside the parameters of nature’s laws, ethics, morals and values. These four fundamental precepts – being synthesized within a vacuum dissociated from nature – can be anything we want them to be… that’s why they are termed ‘arbitrary’ and that’s why they are so dangerous. For example, where do you think the ‘idea’ of God comes from???

“The five previous extinction events were caused by either geological cataclysms or extraterrestrial incursions. This is the first time a planet has been brought down by an idea.”
(Excerpt from the ‘Train Wreck’ essay)

When a vacuous synaptic process produces ideations which are ‘anything we want them to be’, be afraid… be very, very afraid. All kidding aside, with this kind of animal running around on the loose, the planet was in trouble from the start. Need proof…in only 7,000 years, since agriculture first began to get up and walk around on its own, we have gone from a world in relative balance and harmony with itself to a world in the advanced stages of a social and environmental meltdown. We have seen the human population explode from 5-6 million (pre-agriculture) to a projected 11.2 billion (a growth factor of 2000 times) by the end of the 21st century. We have seen the creation of ‘mega cities’, those concrete, steel and plastic ghettos, those congested, man-made abominations which can sometimes cram up to 35 million dazed and confused human automatons within their boundaries. We have witnessed the global animal agriculture industry (beef, pork, poultry and dairy) rape the old growth forests, wetlands and the Earth’s ever-dwindling fresh water reserves in order to supply the planet’s burger joints with flesh-foods. And, most significantly, we are now fully engaged in (as opposed to ‘on the verge of’ or ‘approaching’) the next major extinction event. All of these events took only 7-8,000 years to occur. (A blink of an eye in universal terms). The hyper-accelerated global collapse is indicative of the extreme poisons embodied within the original seed (idea) that led to the invention of agriculture.

Why was the invention of agriculture such a horrendous mistake in the three-and-a-half billion year history of biological evolution. Because via the human super-brain’s ability (dis-ability) to arbitrarily manufacture ideas, we (as a species group) inadvertently and blindly introduced the element of interference into the natural order of biological life on Planet Earth. Unprecedented, in all of history…the element of interference. Nature needs to maintain a delicate, finely-tuned balancing act in regards to species management and any organism who upsets that balance does so at their its peril. By capturing wild animals and plants, taming, domesticating, mass-breeding and mass-producing them into (what would soon become) ravenous, biosphere-destructive monocultures we did exactly that… we interfered.

Note: These insights must of course be tempered by the fact that there is no blame or fault attached to the invention of agriculture…this is thoroughly explained in the larger essay titled, ‘The Ideological Epoch and the Dynamics of a Train Wreck’. It basically explains that due to a sequence of naturally occurring geological, biological and meteorological events – dating as far back as the Late Miocene – a biological aberration was created… namely, the human super-brain. (Yes, the same aberrant, over-sized brain that synthesized the idea of agriculture). The aberration was nature’s doing and completely out of our hands…we were in fact unsuspecting and unwitting participants in a major evolutionary quirk. We simply had no control over the geological and biological conditions that caused the explosive growth of the human super-brain.

“The universe is unfolding as it should… and so is the train wreck”

The (1) creation of a biological aberration, the (2) subsequent ability to arbitrarily manufacture ideas, the (3) element of interference being introduced into the mix, the (4) invention of agriculture, (5) western civilization and the (6) current collapse of said civilization are integral parts of sequence of events which are inextricably linked by the laws of consequence and causality. According to the laws of physics, the universe is truly unfolding as it should…and so is the train wreck. There are no judgments in this scientific conclusion, no rights or wrongs, no good or bad, no God and no Devil…only the unflinching integrity of universal law.

To view the ‘train wreck’ essay, click here.

Dennis Lakusta
September 21, 2019
Nanaimo, BC