Ninety-Five Plausible Reasons…


Ninety-five Plausible Reasons for the
Surgical Removal of Advanced Modern
Techno/industrialized Humans From the Bio-mix.

                        (To be posted on the nearest set of cathedral doors)

1. The invention of Zyclon-B
2. The concept of ‘taking more than you need’
3. The idea of industrialized, for-profit medicine
4. The concepts of ‘manifest destiny’ and the ‘doctrine of discovery’
5. The invention of the chain saw
6. The concept of a ‘chosen people’
7. The invention of ‘elevator music’
8. The Vatican’s code of ‘omertà’
9. The evolution of the ‘self-destructive’ gene
10. The idea of a record-breaking ‘kill shot’
11. The concepts of ‘Crown of Creation’ and ‘Dominion Over the Earth’
12. The idea of a global ‘Monoculture’
13. The 15th century ‘Papal Bulls’
14. The invention of the ‘Barbie Doll’
15. The oxymoron of a ‘wealthy artist’
16. Animal agriculture and the mistreatment of sentient organisms
17. Tomas de Torquemada
18. The idea that a corporation is a ‘person’
19. The concept that ‘money’ can compensate for human injustice
20. The invention of an ‘elite class’
21. The insufferable German work ethic
22. The human’s lethal love affair with machines
23. Church-enforced celibacy’s direct linkage to child sexual abuse
24. The invention and ubiquity of ‘small talk’
25. The $110,000,000 paid for a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting
26. The human obsession with ‘shopping-till-you-drop’
27. The concept of ‘clear cutting’
28. The (moral and ethical) abomination known as ‘Big Pharma’
29. The very idea of an ‘arms race’
30. The concept that happiness is somehow equated with money
31. The idea that economy ‘trumps’ environment
32. Mark Zuckerberg, Ray Kurzweil and their ‘ilk’
33. The invention of ‘bisphenol A’
34. The concept of fiduciary governance
35. The Vatican State’s blanket immunity from prosecution
36. The practice of cutting down Giant Sequoias to make dance floors
37. The concept of ‘factory’ schools
38. The arbitrary manufacturing of ideas
39. The invention of the ‘disposable diaper’
40. The idea of holding a patent on or exclusive ownership of a ‘seed’
41. The invention of the ‘land fill’
42. Black Friday
43. The patently-human idea of the ‘hidden agenda’
44. The West Edmonton Mall
45. The idea of ‘getting rich quick’
46. ‘Big Brother’
47. The compartmentalization of time and labour
48. The religious concept of ‘sin’
49. The invention of concrete
50. The Alberta Tar-sands Project
51. The political and commercial appropriation of Jesus Christ
52. The concepts of ‘God’s Bank’ and ‘God’s Banker’
53. The invention of the ‘boob tube’
54. The collective adherence to an unsubstantiated ‘belief’ system
55. The invention of the ‘block-buster’
56. The modern-day plague of co-dependency
57. The invention of ‘boxing’ day
58. The concept of Papal indulgences
59. The invention of the ‘lobbyist’
60. The K-tel ‘Patty Stacker’
61. The invention and commercialization of ‘zoos’ and ‘aquariums’
62. The notion of exclusive ownership and control of land
63. The stratification of human societies
64. The invention of the ‘fence’
65. The concept of ‘mind games’
66. The idea of ‘profit motive’
67. The 1,100 Amazon rain-forest activists murdered by the cattle barons
68. The invention of the ‘lab rat’
69. The idea of an ‘intermediary’ between God and humans
70. The culture of ‘celebrity’
71. The inventions of the ‘leash’ and the ‘cage’
72. The crimes against humanity committed ‘in the name of God’
73. Royal protocol prohibiting anyone from ‘touching’ the Queen
74. The practice of flag waving
75. The concept that time is ‘money’
76. Religious-based misogyny
77. The 60,000,000 death toll from one human war
78. The oxymoron of the self-promoting philanthropist
79. The idea of a ‘dooms day’ clock
80. The travesty of human dignity known as the ‘castrati’
81. The invention of the ‘mirror’
82. The concept of a distant and inaccessible God
83. The idea of a ‘New World Order’
84. Burning human beings (usually women) to death at the stake
85. The recent emergence of ‘alternative facts’
86. The quote on the $1 bill which states; In God We Trust
87. The collective belief in a manufactured ‘truth’
88. Usury and the invention of the ‘credit card’
89. The invention of the ‘lawn’
90. The 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic manufactured by humans
91. The 160,000 barrels of fresh water needed to ‘frack’ a single well
92. The concept of the ‘trophy wife’
93. The idea of a nation ‘of the wealthy, for the wealthy, by the wealthy
94. Facebook and the blunt realization that there are no ‘free lunches’
95. The Catholic Church’s reluctance to say ‘we’re sorry… we fucked up’