Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump


Why I’m Voting For Donald Trump… An After Thought

               (Addendum to the ‘Train wreck’ essay, written July 2016)

Anyone who has gotten this far in the essay has probably figured out by now that I am not a big fan of the industrial state or the technological revolution. Neither am I a big fan of the machine-age or the super-brain that created it. The term ‘biological aberration’ has been used a number of times to describe hyper-man’s super-brain and I think the term is bang-on. In my particular approach to writing I am constantly endeavoring to view the world within the much broader context of natural history and biological evolution and when considering the events that have occurred over the past six or seven thousand years (since the beginning of the agricultural revolution) I am left with only one conclusion. That being, the current system that we hyper-humans created and that has come to so dominate our planet… must collapse. It doesn’t matter how you slice it, which filter you pass it through or which angle you approach it from, there is simply no other way around it… this broken and corrupted system must fall.

Those familiar with the sordid history surrounding the Titanic tragedy know that the notorious ocean liner was an accident waiting to happen…that collapse was built right into the vessel’s DNA even before its inaugural launch from the shipyards in Belfast in 1914. The advanced modern hyper-ideological human subspecies, which for the past six millennia has been on a collision course with nature, does itself suffer from a similar yet unique structural flaw built into its early design. That flaw of course being the idea that we (the hyper-humans) could begin to take control of nature. If one is even slightly open to the general drift of the preceding subsection (on the ethics of the industrial state) then the next question would undoubtedly be; just how would such a global collapse unfold? Should it be a long drawn-out and excruciatingly painful ordeal or a quick and humane ‘coup de grace’ much like euthanizing a rabid dog. This question can also be posed in the context of the above Titanic tragedy… should we dawdle around for hours and hours, re-positioning the red and blue deck-chairs into neat and inconsequential rows, or just blow a hole in the other side of the hull and get on with the business of ‘sinking’. In terms of the latter option, I can think of no one more qualified to captain such an ignoble adventure than presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump. And with a trusty crew of like-minded despots and tyrants – Putin, al Assad, George W, Cheney, Harper, etc. – a swift and merciful plunge to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean would be virtually guaranteed.

And that’s why I’m voting for Donald Trump.

Ps. What goes around comes around. The Donald Trump phenomenon is living proof that the law of karma, or if you prefer, the laws of consequence and causality actually work. It took sixteen years but the Republican party is finally getting its ‘comeuppance’ for hijacking the 2000 Presidential election…remember the ‘hanging chads’. Little did they know it at the time but Jeb Bush, Kathleen Harris, Antonin Scalia, James Baker and the rest of the arrogant Republican neo-cons were setting in motion a karmic series of events that would initially see the newly elected Bush administration brazenly lie its way into one of the most costly, poorly planned and senseless conflagrations in modern times. The Iraqi quagmire – or what Dick Chaney once referred to as a ‘cakewalk’ – has thus far (including both Iraqi wars) cost the American tax payer two trillion dollars (and counting) and snuffed out the lives of over a million mostly innocent human beings (six-hundred thousand of those being children…UN figures). There were other consequences that evolved out of the ‘crime scene’ in Florida which included the Patriot Act, the steam-rolling of civil liberties, the hyper-escalation of the global arms trade, the invasion of Afghanistan and eight years of stifling political hubris courtesy of the George W, Dick, Donald, Paul and Condi Show. And the karmic wheel just keeps turning. Today Donald Trump is proving to be the Republican party’s worst nightmare and whether he wins or loses in November he will continue to be a thorn in the side of the neoconservative establishment for many years to come. Sympathy? Hardly. With what we know about karmic law and after considering the events that occurred in Florida sixteen years ago, I’m left with only one conclusion… that the Republican party deserves everything it gets.

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Album: The Sparrow – ZEITGEIST

There is a scene in the movie ‘Titanic’ where the ship begins to list to such an extent that the deck chairs begin sliding across the floor… that is the point when everybody knows…it’s all over. April 15th, 2012 marks the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. This tune draws a parallel between that event and the current world of high finance and ‘big’ money.