The Element of Interference and the Genesis of a Train Wreck


The Element of Interference and the Genesis of a Train Wreck

       ‘The last five major extinction events were caused by either geological                          cataclysms or extraterrestrial incursions. This is the first time a planet has                been brought down by an idea‘.

(excerpt from the ‘train wreck’ essay)

The environmental and societal meltdown we advanced modern hyper-ideological super-humans created can be traced back to a very precise and seminal moment in history. It was the precise moment our sub-species first introduced the element of interference into nature’s ancient system of balance and order…which had governed biological evolution since Day One. It was the precise moment the idea first popped into our heads – due to the explosive growth of Homo sapiens’ brain (post H. habilis) – that we could begin removing certain wild plants and wild animals from their natural habitat, confine them, tame them, mass breed them and transform them into rapacious monocultures. It was the precise moment in which an ominous and deadly exponential process was triggered that would see the global human population explode from a manageable and sustainable 5-6 million (pre-agriculture) to 10-11 billion by the end of the twenty-first century…a growth factor of 2000 times. It was the precise moment our fate – and the fate of the rest of the biosphere – was irrevocably sealed, a fate that would destine us to careen rapidly, precariously and unconsciously towards another major extinction event. It was the precise moment when a new, untested and extremely virulent strain of poison was added to the Earth’s Periodic Table of Elements…the element of interference.

(Author’s note: The preceding short paragraph constitutes the hinge upon which swings the past twelve years of writing, including two books and thirty-five essays. It expresses a central and recurring theme – interference – from which all other insights, observations and conclusions are derived. The paragraph also acts as a ‘teaser’…to entice readers to wade into the larger essay titled, ‘The Ideological Epoch and the Dynamics of a Train Wreck’, a link to which is added below).

Dennis Lakusta
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