The Element of Interference and the Genesis of a Train Wreck


The Element of Interference
and the Genesis of a Train Wreck


‘According to nature’s ancient, time-enduring system of balance and order, wild animals and plants were never, ever intended to be domesticated, controlled or conquered. Nature itself was never, ever intended to be domesticated, controlled or conquered. But domesticate, control and conquer we did and today we are living with the consequences of our folly’

(excerpt from the ‘Train Wreck’ essay)

If we journeyed back into history and attempted to pin-point the precise moment we super-humans began to go side ways, it would undoubtedly be the moment we introduced the element of interference into the natural order of biological life on Planet Earth. Unprecedented…in all of biological history… the element of interference. And it’s been our undoing ever since. It began with the invention of agriculture and the capturing, domestication and control of wild animals and plants, removing them from their natural habitat (where they belonged) and effectively transforming them into voracious mono-cultures that would ravage the Earth a mere 8,000 years later. Biodiversity is a central tenet of natural law…it is the way our biosphere works, it is the way our biosphere was designed. A mono-culture, on the other hand, is the antithesis of biodiversity – its exact opposite. The invention of agriculture, being the synthetic creation of a mono-cultural system, was in fact (and still is) a biological abomination.

The phenomenal growth during the latter stages of Homo sapiens brain development ushered in the Ideological Epoch – the age of ideas – which in turn spawned the invention of agriculture. The idea itself was simple enough for the newly-minted human super-brain to conjure up but it was in fact a monumental blunder and the most disastrous misstep we modern humans have ever made. The idea and subsequent invention of agriculture inadvertently, irrevocably and unceremoniously up-ended nature’s apple cart. The poisons within the original seed (the idea) went on to infect the entire course of western civilization…that’s how DNA works. The infected seed also triggered a tsunami of exponential processes which all appear to be ‘hockey-sticking’ here in the early stages of the 21st century. The element of interference, once introduced, quickly began to spread and mutate into other lethal variations of interference. For example, western medicine and western technology’s ongoing attempts to rid the world of disease is outright interference with nature’s critical need to balance all species groups (including humans) by ‘culling’ those groups that are ‘out of balance’. The human population today is frightfully, frightfully out of balance and long overdue for a major ‘correction’….of course, who wants to talk about that? It’s a dubious distinction no doubt but the elements of interference, meddling, tampering, manipulation and control have become the unfortunate hallmarks of advanced, modern, hyper-thinking super-humans.

All roads lead back to Rome…Rome in this case being the invention of agriculture. We can quite accurately trace the bulk of today’s social and environmental ills – via the unerring and unforgiving laws of consequence and causality – back to that seminal moment when we first began meddling with things that should have been left well enough alone.

Dennis Lakusta
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